• Media Relations

    Media Relations

    The reason we focus our efforts largely on media relations is simple - because we believe no other single component builds our clients' businesses faster than arranging editorial coverage on their behalf. No matter the medium - broadcast, cable, print, internet, or satellite - we believe in the power word-of-mouth generates. As the media landscape evolves, so does our team - ever eager to build long-term relationships with those who create content that influence our clients' target audiences. As far as we're concerned, it's quality and quantity that count.
  • Media Training

    Media Training

    Because every media placement maintains the potential to affect business growth, we take each one of them very seriously. From print and Internet interviews to television and radio appearances, we prepare our clients for the standard questions as well as the unforeseen curve balls. We want them to be their best in every situation and to maximize every placement, every time there's an opportunity.
  • Social Media

    Social Media

    We create targeted programs that fit the needs of our clients, drawing from a complete suite of new media services. The strategies we implement for our clients are centered around the major pillars of the social media landscape. Still, experience tells us that utilizing social media to its full potential involves full integration with traditional real world and online marketing initiatives.


  • Events


    We have deep and broad experience in planning events of all sizes and maximizing their publicity value - the agency's very first client was an event project. From conceptualization to on-site management to tying up the loose ends long after the party's over, we fully appreciate the role events play in an integrated marketing program. And we fully understand the value in creating events (or serial events) that help our clients capitalize on press opportunities every step of the way.
  • Creative Services

    Creative Services

    With our in-house graphic design and cinema-quality video capabilities, we create customized placement presentations and archives for each of our clients. Colorful portfolio of editorial spreads, printed collateral or masterfully edited reels-the time and effort we dedicate to making our clients' materials stand out always pays off. There's no question that it's better to be good than to look good, but with clients as talented and accomplished as ours, we don't see any reason why they shouldn't do both.
  • Agent Services

    Agent Services

    We have a knack for finding and negotiating lucrative deals for our clients. It might be a gig as a spokesperson or a product endorsement; whatever the format, we work closely with our clients to negotiate deals that enhance their profile and their compensation.
  • Crisis Communications

    Crisis Communications

    We realize that taking your business to the next level often involves ups and downs, some where the stakes are considerably higher. That's why our clients can count on us no matter the challenge. We support our clients when the unexpected happens-recommending a strategic, sensible game plan that allows them to focus on tending to business. We wouldn't call it hand holding, just keeping an eye on the big picture and not letting the small stuff get in the way.
  • Restaurant Consulting

    Restaurant Consulting

    Our roots in the restaurant business run 20 years deep, so we know what works. From restaurant concepts to interior and menu design, to chef selection and creating names and logos, we do it all with a level of experience that distinguishes us from other agencies. We've been around the block more than a few times and it's still exciting for us to collaborate in the creation of something new.